Sunday, July 16, 2017

What Really Matters in Building Strong Brands?

So what's the bottom line? What really matters in building strong brands? 

This is what matters:

  • Creating an interesting and memorable identity and consistently presenting it over time
  • Gaining deep customer insight through market research
  • Owning a benefit that really matters
  • Standing for something admirable or important
  • Creating a compelling brand story
  • Maximizing brand presence (through communication and distribution)
  • Promoting brand buzz
  • Anticipating customer needs and innovating solutions to those needs
  • Paying attention to aesthetics
  • Engaging consumers at different touch points
  • Establishing brand metrics and managing the brand against those metrics
  • Building on brand strengths while shoring up potentially fatal brand weaknesses
  • Enlisting organization-wide understanding and support of the brand

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