Monday, February 13, 2017

The Twelve Key Elements of Marketing

You have read about the 4 Ps of marketing and perhaps you have also read about the 5 Ps of marketing and even the 7 Ps of marketing. Though I am a fan of alliteration, I will instead share a non-alliterative list of the key elements of marketing. Here they are:

  1. Who is the CUSTOMER for this product, service or experience?
  2. What is the CUSTOMER NEED this product or service or experience fulfills? 
  3. How am I making the target customer AWARE of my product, service or experience?
  4. Why would the target customer choose my product, service or experience over that of the competitive alternatives? That is, what is my product, service or experience's UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION?
  5. What KEY MESSAGES am I making about this product, service or experience?
  6. Have I created a compelling BRAND IDENTITY for this product, service or experience?
  7. Have I created a compelling BRAND STORY for this product, service of experience?
  8. Am I offering this product, service or experience at a COMPETITIVE PRICE for this target customer?
  9. Are the functional, experiential, emotional and self-expressive benefits worth the time, effort and money required to purchase the product, service or experience? That is, does it deliver a GOOD OR GREAT VALUE?
  10. How am I making it EASY for the target customer TO FIND AND PURCHASE this product, service or experience? What is my distribution strategy?
  11. What am I doing to create an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION between my product/service/brand and its target customer?
  12. What am I doing to encourage CUSTOMER LOYALTY and BRAND ADVOCACY?


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