Monday, July 10, 2017

The Most Pressing Brand Management Issues

Since November 2016, we have fielded a continuously running survey of marketers' most pressing brand management and marketing issues. Specifically, we asked marketers to indicate how important each of 29 different marketing issues were to them and how easily they could address these issues internally or with external resources. 

The respondents represented a wide variety of industries and industry sectors. 

Brand managers, marketing directors, marketing managers and marketing consultants comprised more than half of the respondents. 

Respondents also included CEOs, presidents, chief marketing officers, marketing vice presidents, marketing associates, copywriters, account executives, digital marketing managers, marketing coordinators and digital marketing associates.

These are the most pressing issues according to the survey's respondents:

  • Aligning our execution in support of our brand's promise
  • Updating/refreshing our brand's identity
  • Aligning employees in support of the brand
  • Gaining greater customer insight

The next most pressing issues include:
  • Telling our brand's story better
  • Improving our brand's unique value proposition
  • Developing a (better) brand elevator speech

The next most pressing issues are:
  • Getting our brand management team to buy into our brand strategy
  • Managing our brand image on social media 
  • Building more emotional appeal into our brand
  • Connecting marketing campaigns and creative with brand strategy

Do you find that you have any of these issues in your organization? Please share your brand management and marketing issues with us through this ongoing survey: SURVEY LINK

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