Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mission Vision Values Essence Promise

Over the years, many business executives have asked me what the difference is between mission, vision, values, essence, promise and other statements of strategic intent. Here is my summary of that.

Strategy Component
The organization’s reason for existing
7 to 25 words
What the organization wants to become – forward looking, aspirational, inspirational
7 to 15 words
What an organization believes in and how its people should behave
5 to 10 core values in words or phrases
Brand Essence
The “heart and soul” of the brand, its timeless quality
Three words in the form “Adjective adjective noun”
Brand Promise
The one or two things the brand promises its target audiences that is/are very important to those audiences and unique to the brand
In the form, “Only [brand] delivers [one or two benefits] to [target audience]”
Brand Archetype
The pattern or model that underlies the brand, especially regarding its motivations and behaviors
Choosing the brand’s primary and secondary archetypes
Brand Personality
Describing the brand as if it were a person
7 to 12 adjectives

© 2015 by Brad VanAuken

For more information on this and other brand management and marketing terms, refer to Brand Aid, available here.


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