Thursday, September 3, 2015

Brand Inundation/Depravation Testing

Do you want to better understand the benefits that your brand’s product or service delivers? Do you want to discover ways to increase use of your brand’s products and services? Try this: Identify a group of very light users and ask them to use your product or service as frequently as your heaviest users do for an extended period of time (at least through several usage cycles). Identify a group of heavy users and ask them to refrain from using your product or service for the same period of time. Ask the latter group to articulate what they used in lieu of your product or service to accomplish the same result. Ask both groups to keep a journal of their thoughts and feelings as they use or refrain from using your product or service. Follow up with in-depth, one-on-one interviews to better understand the role your brand’s products and services play in their lives. I guarantee you that this exercise will provide profound insight into the full potential for your brand’s products and services.

Excerpted from Brand Aid, second edition, available here.

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