Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Brands Reflect Culture

Organization or group culture often determines how decisions are made and how people behave in different situations. Culture is driven by beliefs, values, attitudes, assumptions, personal and group goals, roles, systems and processes. Culture changes are often required to support new business models and new brand promises and positions. But culture changes, because of their complexity, are well beyond the roles and skill sets of most marketers. Organization design experts must be enlisted for these types of changes. 

One can promise a certain organization behavior to outside audiences, but unless the culture is designed to support the intended behavior, that behavior may not occur. Culture changes can take months and even years to fully implement so patience is required and the brand should not make promises prematurely before it can keep those promises.   

Once you have decided how your brand and organization will win in the marketplace going forward, it is important to assess whether the organization culture will support that winning direction. If it will not, a culture change project is required. 

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