Monday, August 8, 2016

The Key Elements of Successful Marketing Campaigns

Today, I want to step back and think about marketing at a fundamental level. What are the key elements of a successful marketing campaign?

  • Knowing who you are targeting
  • Understanding their beliefs, values, attitudes, fears, anxieties, hopes, needs and desires - deep customer insight through marketing research
  • Being very clear about the marketing objective(s) - What are you trying to accomplish? What attitudes or behaviors are you trying to encourage? 
  • Picking a brand message that is unique, believable and purchase motivating to the target audiences - brand positioning
  • Building emotionality into the brand and the message
  • Identifying the most effective and efficient ways to reach the target audiences - choosing the right mix of media and communication vehicles
  • Building viral qualities into your communications 
  • Repeating the message often enough to finally register with the target audiences - frequency - generally people need to hear something seven to twelve times for it to "break through" to them
  • Measuring the results of your efforts - Did they accomplish what you hoped they would  accomplish? Did your marketing investment create a positive return on that investment?
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