Friday, December 4, 2015

Branding from the Inside Out

As important as making a unique and compelling promise is keeping that promise. Brands that make promises they cannot keep lose customers. If your brand cannot keep its promise, it should not make that promise.  That’s where inside out branding comes in.

At BrandForward, we work with organizations to help them keep the promises that they make. We do this through a two-day intensive workshop with pre-work that will explore each of the following:
  • Transforming employees into brand advocates by:
    • Reviewing and possibly revising hiring criteria
    • Building employee understanding of brand strategy and messaging through a comprehensive employee communication and education plan
    • Recommending modifications to performance objectives for targeted employees
    • Establishing employee rewards and recognition for brand advocating behavior

  • Exploring alignment of the organization’s culture with the brand’s intended personality
  • Establishing brand metrics as a part of a balanced scorecard
  • Reviewing organization design to determine its strengths and weaknesses relative to support of the brand’s promise
  • Understanding how brand plans align with business plans and how budgets for brand initiatives are presented and approved
  • Aligning systems, processes and procedures to better support delivery of the brand’s promise
  • Identifying new brand promise proof points at each point of customer contact

The output of the workshop is:
  • A report of specific recommendations to better align the organization in support of its brand’s promise
  • Including an employee communication and education plan

This workshop is highly facilitated by inside-out branding experts and includes questions and worksheets that will be completed during the workshop and prior to the workshop in preparation for the workshop.

We recommend that OD and other human resource professionals attend the first day along with the organization’s leadership team, general managers and marketing executives. The second part of the second day switches to customer touch point design ideation and requires a different mix of “out-of-the-box” thinkers.

This workshop will result in a much better understanding of how the organization can better support delivery of the brand’s promise. Our report of findings will include specific recommendations on how to powerfully deliver on the brand’s promise, including identifying barriers to accomplishing this and how to overcome those barriers.

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