Thursday, May 28, 2015

Brands, Pain & Pleasure

People are attracted by anticipated pleasure or driven away by anticipated pain. These are humanity's primary motivators. These motivators are so powerful that they override almost every other motivator. It is important for brand marketers to understand this. Your brand either needs to promise some sort of future pleasure or the ability to eliminate or significantly reduce some sort of future pain.  There are many possible paths to perceived pain and pleasure. Your brand needs to tap into at least one of them. Know that pain and pleasure can be physical or psychological or even spiritual.

Fear of death and damnation and lack of status and lack of virility and lack of acceptance and even the lack of meaning are all possibilities. On the positive side, safety and comfort and social status and sexual gratification and personal control and freedom are other possibilities. But the possibilities in both directions are innumerable.

The key is to understand that people will do almost anything to avoid pain and to seek pleasure.


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