Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Brands and Humanity

"A brand is the personification of an organization and its products and services."

This is my favorite definition of a brand. Given that, you must keep your brand human. In particular, you must make sure your brand expresses the optimal persona and a carefully crafted set of values, attitudes and behaviors. Further, it should believe in something and it should stand for something. It should be authentic and trustworthy.  It should express empathy and be engaging. It should initiate dialogs and create and deepen relationships. Further it would do well to be intuitive, creative, passionate, a good listener, responsive and kind. In a phrase, it should act like an admirable human being. This, not your organization or its products or services, is what will bring humanity to your interactions with customers and clients. The brand is the human overlay. It vivifies organizations and their products and services. Never forget this.

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