Thursday, August 6, 2015

Most Important Brand Management Tasks

While brand manager responsibilities vary widely across organizations, these are the brand management tasks that yield the most advantageous results:

  • Create a unique and compelling brand position based upon customer and market research and leadership consensus.
  • Understand the way your brand connects with its customers emotionally. Integrate this insight into how you manage the brand's interaction with its customers.
  • Create a robust but flexible brand identity system. Implement a process to insure brand identity consistency across media and over time.
  • Understand your brand's associations and memory triggers and be sure to build them into advertising, product packaging and other marketing communication.
  • Establish brand metrics and manage the brand against those metrics. Ideally, the metrics should include the following: unaided awareness, relevance, differentiation, perceived value, mental and physical accessibility, emotional connection, attitudinal loyalty, vitality/momentum and top-of-mind associations. 
  • Develop and implement a brand plan. 
  • Strive to increase brand awareness, salience and distribution.
  • Design brand promise proof points into as many points of customer contact as possible. 
  • Design and implement mechanisms to align employees in support of the brand and its customer promise.
  • Keep your organization aware of the brand and its health. 


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