Thursday, March 5, 2015

What People Want

Brands that really understand consumers and their needs and desires are more likely to succeed, especially if they are able to successfully fulfill these needs and desires.

So what do people want?

People want to be safe. They want to be free to pursue their dreams. They want to be accepted by others. They want to be respected and even admired. They want to be loved. They want to be at peace. But sometimes they want to feel the rush of adrenalin.  Sometimes they want to be surprised. Sometimes they want to feel on the edge. It makes them feel more alive.

People are attracted to beauty in all of its forms – beautiful people, beautiful homes, beautiful cars, beautiful boats, beautiful gardens, beautiful architecture, beautiful clothes, beautiful jewelry, beautiful paintings, beautiful furniture, beautiful appliances and the list could go on and on.

People enjoy stimulation of their senses. They enjoy colors and flavors and scents and sounds and textures.

People appreciate noble qualities such as wisdom and truth and grace and beauty and freedom.

People like stretching and motion and physical exertion – skiing and skating and dancing and yoga and swimming and tai chi.  

People like learning and variety and stimulation and anything that is new.

People like wealth and status and power.

Immersion in nature rejuvenates people. It offers them solace. It calms them. It centers them.  

Whether brands deliver these things symbolically, metaphorically or in actuality, deliver them they must if they are to remain relevant and in demand.


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