Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Unusual Advertising Media

Companies have used everything from sidewalks (ads written in chalk), walls above men’s room urinals, and posters on bulletin boards, to the sides of trucks and buses, athlete’s clothes, and crop art (images created by plowing fields in certain patterns). A German company is now printing advertising messages on toilet paper. Evian funded the repair of a run-down pool in London in return for featuring its brand’s identity in the pool’s tile design, which could be seen by people flying into and out of nearby Heathrow Airport. Procter & Gamble placed upscale porta-potties (air-conditioned, with hardwood floors and aromatherapy candles) at state fairs to reinforce the luxury of its Charmin toilet paper.

©  2015 Brad VanAuken

Excerpted from Chapter 10, Nontraditional Marketing Approaches that Work in Brand Aid, second edition. This chapter lists more than sixty different types of nontraditional marketing approaches with hundreds of examples.

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