Monday, June 3, 2019

Mayo Clinic Advertising

I am impressed with the latest Mayo Clinic advertising campaign. The ads feature people leaving their homes with loved ones making their way to a destination - Mayo Clinic. The ads are very emotional with stunning visuals, a reflective mood, poignant moments and few or no spoken lines. The music is emotional the way our Hallmark Hall of Fame ads were emotional with simple acoustical guitar, piano or minimalist orchestral music.

The message at the end of each ad is very simple and powerful: "When it's time to find answers,"    "You Know Where to Go." The second line eventually appears below the Mayo Clinic Logo.

Here is a link to the ads. I believe they are examples of well-crafted, well-executed and emotionally powerful ads. I encourage you to watch them.


  1. As a cancer survivor every time I see your commercials I get very sad. Especially the father and son commercial where the young man stands in the lake and yells loudly...I keep thinking of what I personally went through....

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