Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Brand Management's Rewards

I previously listed the business benefits of strong brands. Today, I want to talk about the intrinsic rewards of building strong brands. 

Strengthening brands creates better customer experiences. It can do this by improving products, customer services and a myriad of other things. Ultimately, thoughtful brand management will lead to an improved world. How does this work?

When we reposition brands or strive to strengthen their equities, we focus on specific ways to do that for each brand. All result in an improved customer experience. For instance, in our branding projects, we have:

  • Focused on industry-leading responsiveness resulting in minimal production downtimes and savings of millions of dollars
  • Offered customers a superior range of choices
  • Delighted customers with the most whimsical designs
  • Served as a proud badge of competence and expertise
  • Made banking simple, easy and fun
  • Made successful entrepreneurs feel as though they had arrived in the cadre of a community's "movers and shakers"
  • Made people feel safe again
  • Helped a professional association become highly valuable to its members again
  • Helped a community celebrate its strengths, attracting new residents and making current residents feel better about where they live
  • Made it easy for people to build with their products
  • Created a university of technological innovators
  • Fixed system errors that previously made their customers angry
  • Created a health care system that was more efficient and more humane
  • Made a specific group of surgeons feel like "rock stars"
  • Made a continuing care community feel like an extended family
  • Told a story about environmental sustainability that gave people hope
  • Brought back fond memories of the past

My point is that brand management is more than logos and advertising and social media. It is about improving the customer experience in both tangible and intangible ways. It is about improving products, services, industries and ultimately the human condition. Feel good about what you do as a brand manager for it is truly important work.

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