Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rebranding FootJoy

FootJoy is a well-known golf brand (67 percent of golfers use it) recognized for having comfortable, exceptionally high quality products that stay dry in wet conditions. FootJoy sells shoes, gloves, outerwear, socks, and accessories. Traditionally, FootJoy focused is messages on its superior product features and functionality; however, it knew it needed to create a more emotional connection with its customers. FootJoy retained us to help create this emotional connection. Through qualitative research, we learned that FootJoy was perceived to be a golf-centric brand that is for people who are serious about golf. We discovered that it had the potential to be a strong aspirational brand as it possessed all of the qualities to which serious golfers aspire. The result was a new tagline (FJ. The Mark of a Player.) that underpinned a new advertising campaign, making FootJoy a badge that says, “I am a serious golfer.”

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