Monday, June 15, 2015

Heritage and Nostalgia

Baby boomers and other older cohort groups have witnessed many changes in their lifetimes and have many fond memories, some going all the way back to their childhood. I remember summers on Black Lake with friends motoring around the lake, exploring new tributaries and claiming uninhabited islands as our own. I remember the smell of homemade bread rising in my childhood kitchen. I remember playing with my Heathkit fifty-in-one electronics kit, my chemistry set, my microscope and my magic kit. I also remember all of the pranks I used to purchase and use - fly in the ice cube, whoopee cushion, disappearing ink, fake dog poop, fake vomit, hand buzzers, exhaust pipe noisemakers and gum that turns a person's mouth black. Remember playing Monopoly or Life or Twister? Or how about Pac-Man?

Brands can tap into heritage, fond memories and nostalgia. They can trigger memories or feelings of carefree childhood, life in simpler times and the good ol' days. Coca-Cola's bottle shape harkens back to its original bottle shape. Many old fashioned candies are in great demand by some consumers - Necco Wafers, Mary Jane, candy bead necklaces, wax candy (colored syrup in a wax bottle) and PEZ. Genesee Brewery recently introduced product names and packaging that harken back to its original beer brands. 

Are there ways for your brand to tap into its heritage to create a strong sense of nostalgia? 

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