Monday, June 22, 2015

Keys to Success in Brand Building: A Summary

Following are the first four of twenty-one keys to success in branding building as I have outlined them in my book, Brand Aid.
  1. First and foremost, the brand must stand for something. Its mission, vision, and values must be clearly articulated. Furthermore, its promise must have been crafted with much forethought. And the promise must be relevant, compelling, and unique. That is, the brand must offer and deliver on a “unique value proposition” that matters to its target markets.
  2. To support this value proposition, the brand must know whom it is serving. It must know this customer in great depth. What motivates that person? What are the customer’s hopes and fears? What are his attitudes? What does she value? How does the person purchase and use the products and services in the categories within which the brand operates? This requires in-depth research and strong intuition about human behavior and motivation.
  3. Next, the brand’s identity must consistently support its value proposition— that is, its intended essence, archetype, personality, mission, vision, values, and promise. The brand identity refers to the name, logo, colors, tagline, brand voice and visual style, and other visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory cues associated with the brand.
  4. Aesthetics matter more than most people realize. Establishing a refined or otherwise compelling brand design aesthetic will have a positive impact on the brand. Witness Apple, Jaguar, and Ty Nant.
Excerpted from Brand Aid, second edition. © 2015 Brad VanAuken

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