Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Trustworthy Brands

While high awareness gives a brand an edge in the market and constant innovation makes a brand exciting and appealing, being worthy of a customer’s trust keeps people loyal to a brand.

People don’t like surprises, especially of the negative kind. They don’t want a product that breaks or fails. They are not happy about a service failure.  A strong brand that is consistent in its delivery can be trusted. People don’t want to worry about poor quality or non-performance. If they purchase a brand that they know and trust, they can rest assured that they will get what they expected.

If a brand does fail, it needs to transform that failure into a brand-building moment.  It needs not only to recover from the failure but also to surprise and delight the customer with its unexpected value-added remedy.

And woe unto a brand that is found to be dishonest. As in human relationships, if a brand is discovered not to deliver on its promises, especially more than once, people find it difficult to ever trust that brand again.  And, if you can’t trust the brand, why maintain a relationship with it?

Have you established systems, policies, processes and training that insure brand integrity and consistency and that prepare for remarkable recoveries?

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