Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Keys to Brand Building Success

A completely updated second edition of my Brand Aid book will be published in December. One of the summary chapters outlines the twenty-one keys to brand building success. As a teaser, I will list (but not elaborate on) ten of them here:
  1. A brand must stand for something.
  2. A brand must know whom it is serving.
  3. The brand’s identity must support its intended promise.
  4. Aesthetics matter.
  5. Brand identity consistency is critical to success.
  6. Ideally, a brand’s values align with its customer’s values.
  7. A brand can become a source of community for people who share its values.
  8. A brand can serve as a self-expressive “badge” for people.
  9. A brand can engage with its customers by co-creating its products and services with them.
  10. Storytelling is central to brand building.
To learn more about these ten keys to brand building success and the other eleven keys to brand building success, you can pre-order the second edition of Brand Aid here or here.

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