Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Brands with Purpose

Fundamentally, most people want to make the world a better place – for themselves and others. The vast majority of us are not motivated to create pain and chaos, but rather to seek pleasure and happiness. And yet, too few of us find a way to achieve this in our work lives.

Wise business leaders are discovering that building businesses around causes not only motivates employees, but also customers and other stakeholders.  What if your brand was all about making the world a better place? What if your brand and your organization became a movement? What if they reached down to people’s deepest desires for a more perfect world? What if they became a beacon for one small way in which the world could become a friendlier place? What if they captivated people’s imaginations? What if they ignited people’s passions? What if they became a rallying cry? What if they created deeply convicted evangelists?

As a business leader, take the risk to follow your vision for improving the world. Make this your brand’s mission. Align all of your resources in support of this cause. And don’t be too amazed at what gets swept up in this momentum.

Think of how much better this feels that concentrating on producing more widgets, increasing production efficiencies or extracting increased quarterly profits. Not that these won’t occur, but rather that a more pure and fundamental motivation will more effortlessly lead to these and other positive outcomes.

Is your brand underwhelming? Is your organization in the doldrums? Have you lost your personal motivation? Consider realigning all of these in the service of mankind. And don’t be surprised if a stunning turnaround occurs.

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