Sunday, January 31, 2016

Branding Is All About the...

I am currently working with a client whose opinion is that branding is mostly about the data and analysis that lead to consumer insights. She has a PhD in marketing research. I have another client who does not believe that quantitative research is nearly as useful as qualitative research in branding. His first job was as a focus group moderator. I have another client who indicates that branding is all about the design. His background is graphic design. Still another client says it's all about the bottom line - the sales, profits and return on investment. He was an MBA finance major. I had worked with an advertising agency that felt it was all about the brand's story. They had really strong copywriters on their staff. I have had a business partner who primarily thinks about how things look more than their actual content. He had been a radio DJ and male model prior to becoming a brand guy.

I believe all of these are important in branding. My point is if you feel as though you are being strongly steered in one of these directions, it is quite possible that the person you are working with has a background that is leading you down this path. Make sure you take a holistic approach to brand management. Qualitative and quantitative research leading to deep consumer insight is very important as is strong content, a great story, good design and looking good in general. And all of these ultimately need to lead to strong sales, profits and ROI. Don't neglect the other aspects of brand management just because a client, colleague or business partner is strongly pushing you down the path with which he or she is the most familiar or comfortable.

Remember, if you only have a hammer everything looks like a nail and if you only have a screwdriver, everything looks like a screw. Make sure as a brand manager that you have and use the complete toolbox.

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