Monday, May 22, 2017

In a Way, It's All the Same

I live in the world of brand promises and brand positioning. I help people determine their brand's essence. And I help them determine their brand's mission, vision and values. And their brand's archetype and personality. Some consultants help people discover their brand's "true north," while others help people determine their brand's mantra. One consultant I know helps people answer their brand's "why." And brands have tag lines and slogans and elevator speeches. Is this all word mumbo-jumbo or is there something behind each of these terms?

There are certainly subtle and not-so-sublte differences between each of these terms, however, at a more macro level, they are all used to gain clarity on one thing - Why does this brand exist? What makes it different from other brands? What does it stand for? How does it make a difference in the world? Why should people care? 

It is about strategic thinking and clarity and "fire in the belly." It is about getting the brand's leadership team "on the same page." It is about rallying employees around the brand's purpose. It is about energizing the brand and making it relevant and vital. And it is about making the brand stand out.

So yes, these terms might seem like jargon or marketing mumbo-jumbo, but they drive a strategic process that is critical to a brand's success. So regardless of which terms you decide to use, you must do the strategic work that they represent to put your brand on a successful trajectory. 

For definitions of each of these terms, refer to Brand Aid, chapter 2 (Understanding the Language of Branding) available here

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