Sunday, November 27, 2016

Customer-First Branding

I have now worked with more than 200 brands. In doing so, I have not only worked with the marketing teams but also the leadership teams. Each organization has a unique leader with a unique leadership style and a unique culture. One truth that is obvious to me having briefly embedded myself in many different organizations is that if the leader and the leadership team put the customer first in everything that they do, their organization and its brand thrives. If they are inwardly focused or primarily financially focused, they struggle more to succeed. 

The primary purpose of any organization, for profit or not-for-profit, is to serve people in one way or another. Even not-for-profit organizations that focus on animal rights or environmental preservation are doing so because of the will of their supporters. Organizations that forget who they are serving or why or who have financial targets as their primary objectives often lose their way and end up struggling. 

So, I encourage you to create a mission-driven organization and brand. Fight tirelessly to better serve your customers each and every day. In so doing, your organization and brand will thrive. 

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