Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Most Requested Areas of Brand Help

We see and respond to a lot of RFPs and we work on a lot of branding projects. Because we focus on brand strategy, we do not typically receive requests for more tactical initiatives such as social media or direct mail campaigns. However, we do receive requests for a wide variety of brand research and strategy initiatives. Here are the areas in which we have received the most requests in the past two years:

  • We need help repositioning our brand.
  • We need a stronger point of difference for our brand.
  • We need a better brand elevator speech.
  • We want to better tell our brand's story.
  • We need to create a name and a new identity for our merged organizations.
  • We need to create a name and new identity for a new product or service. 
  • We want to build more emotionality into our brand. 
  • We need help with our brand's strategy and our business model strategy.
  • We need to radically transform our brand and store concept. 
  • We want to measure the equity of our brand.
  • Our brand architecture is a mess. We need to simplify it.
  • We want to take our brand out to new customer segments without alienating our current target customers. 
  • We need help merging our organizations (combined through merger or acquisition), including creating a new combined brand and a new combined culture.
  • We need to reenergize our employees in support of the brand. 
  • We need to get the leadership team back on track regarding alignment with our agreed to brand strategy.
  • We need to transform our business and brand from a transactional approach to an engagement approach.
  • We need to become a marketing-driven organization. 
Maybe you recognize some of these needs as ones your organization has. Anyway, I thought you would be interested in the types of requests we have been receiving regarding brand strategy.


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