Thursday, April 9, 2015

Branding and Self-Image

Psychological experiments over time have demonstrated that everyone is obsessively concerned about what others think of him or her. While some people are aware of this concern, for most of us, it is unconscious and invisible. Research has also shown that people are willing to lie, cheat and cover up contradictions to intended self-image (to themselves and others) to preserve the intended self-image.

This is important to marketers as self-image preservation is the driver of many behaviors. If your brand can validate or enhance a person’s self-image, it is likely to be purchased. This is a very powerful motivator.

So, what are the most powerful self-image attributes that must be maintained? You can help us with that. Please go to to take the brief five-minute survey yourself and then forward the link to friends, relatives, business associates and anyone else in your social networks. We hope to get responses from a wide cross-section of people. When we have compiled enough data, we will report our results back to you at

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