Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bed Bath & Beyond - A Simple Marketing Tactic

As we approach mid-summer, retailers have begun merchandising back-to-school items (always a depressing thing to me because it reminds me of the fleeting nature of the summer months). Bed Bath & Beyond is no exception to this practice. My wife arrived home yesterday with a "School Information Document" for the University of Rochester that she picked up at our local Bed Bath & Beyond. She indicated that the store had made available customized versions of this document for each of our 18+ local colleges and universities. These documents are checklists that indicate what items are provided by the school and what to bring and what not to bring by category. The categories include bedding & accessories, storage and organization, bath/personal care & grooming, desk accessories, laundry & cleaning, electronics & audio, room decor and kitchen tools & dining. The documents indicate how you can shop online for these items and feature a map and directions to the local Bed Bath & Beyond store. 

Having spent years running marketing departments for companies, I can recognize a brilliant marketing tactic when I see one. This targets an important market segment at the right time of year. It requires minimum cost and effort to implement. It is likely to be very helpful to the targeted customer and it is very likely to result in significant incremental sales. My hat is off to the person who thought this up. This is what marketing is all about - discovering ways to make your customers' lives easier while selling more stuff. 


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