Saturday, January 14, 2017

How Do You Want Your Brand to Impact its Customers?

One way to strengthen your brand is to think about how you want it to impact its customers. Answering each of these eleven questions will help you do this:

  • How do we want our brand's customers to feel? What emotions do we want our brand to evoke?
  • What is our brand's ideal personality?
  • How should our brand treat its customers?
  • How will our brand enhance its customers' lives?
  • What functional benefits does our brand deliver to its customers?
  • In what ways will our brand surprise and delight its customers?
  • What does our brand stand for? What are its values?
  • What is different and special about our brand?
  • What does our brand do that no other brand in the category does?
  • In the end, for what will our brand be remembered?
  • What is the one thing we want our brand to "own" in the mind of its customers?

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