Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Measuring Customer Touch Point Experiences

We often work with clients to help them create additional brand promise proof points at each point of customer contact. This goes well beyond marketing communication. It also includes the product purchase experience, the product usage experience, customer service, technical support and a variety of other customer touch points. We helped a federal credit union enhance its brand experience at its ATM, branch location, online and telephone support customer touch points. Airlines have online, airport checkin, gate area, information/help desk and telephone support among other touch points in addition to the airplane experience itself.

What are you doing to solicit feedback on the quality of the customer experience at each of those touch points? Delta Airlines requests ongoing feedback from its customers, and especially its frequent flyers, on the quality of various components of individual trips taken on its airline. 

The trick is to establish a simple and unobtrusive process for monitoring customer feedback so that the customers can quickly and easily share their feedback on a regular basis without becoming fatigued or annoyed. 

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