Friday, February 20, 2015

Self Image and Branding

Most people view themselves in the context of a wide variety of identity elements:
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Intelligence
  • Physical characteristics
        o   Health
           o   Fitness
     o   Attractiveness
  • Personal values
  • Personality attributes
  • Competencies/talents
  • Vocation
  • Avocations/hobbies
  • Religious beliefs
  • Nationality
  • Place of residence
  • School affiliations
  • Political party affiliation
  • Other organizational affiliations
  • Income level
  • Wealth level
  • Social class
  • Peer or social group affiliation

Many of the identity elements interact with and reinforce (or conflict with) one another. People often emphasize the elements that are the most advantageous in a given context.  Each of these identity elements contributes to a sense of self and each of these could be an entry point for brand alignment and self-image reinforcement.

Source: Brand Aid, second edition, © 2015 Brad VanAuken

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