Thursday, October 2, 2014

Brand Management & Marketing Competency Assessment

Over the past decade, I have helped hundreds of organizations refine their brand management and marketing efforts. In so doing, I have gotten pretty good at making a fairly quick assessment of an organization’s or individual’s marketing capabilities. Here are some of the signs that the organization or individual knows what it/he/she is doing regarding brand management and marketing:
  • An insightful and nuanced (and often elaborate) description of the target customer groups and segments
  • Backed up by qualitative and quantitative marketing research
  • Including brand positioning maps for the brand in question and its competitors
  • Knows the difference between attributes, benefits and values
  • The brand strategy is based on benefits and values (especially emotional benefits and values)
  • The brand’s promise is unique, compelling and believable (with an emphasis on compelling)
  • The brand’s tagline reinforces the brand’s promise
  • Familiarity with self-expressive brand benefits
  • Understands the importance of category description and competitive “frame of reference”
  • Familiar with the concept of “category of one” brands
  • Understands (and has used) the following qualitative research techniques: projective, laddering and guided imagery
  • The brand’s media plan is highly targeted and efficient based on the target customer definition
  • Is familiar with the concept of customer touch point design
  • The CEO is involved in the brand strategy process
  • Good understanding of customer purchase and usage behaviors
  • Customer-centric, common sense approach to all marketing decisions

Test yourself and your organization against the previous bulleted items. How well do you stack up?

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